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How to get to NO-MA

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  • Route I (Osugicho bus stop→NO-MA)
  • (Omihachiman station→NO-MA)

※For those coming by car

The NO-MA car parking spaces are limited. In case they are full, you will have to use the municipal car parking lot at a cost of 500 yen per day.


・From the airports

2 hours and 40 minutes journey time from Kansai International Airport
2 hours journey time from Osaka Itami International Airport

・By Bus

Board the Omi Tetsudo Bus (bound for ‘Choumeiji’) departing from Japan Rail’s (JR) Omi Hachiman Station North Exit
Bus Station No.6
Disembark the bus at the ‘Osugimachi’ bus stop – 10 minutes walk from there

・On Foot

Exit JR Omi-Hachiman Station from the North Exit, turn right at the ‘Hachiman Ekimae’ junction
Turn left at the junction by the ‘New Hotel Omi’ – a pleasant 40 minute walk from there

・By Bicycle

15 minute cycling journey from Omi-Hachiman Station North Exit
※Bicycles may be rented from “Eki-Rin Kun Omi-Hachiman Branch ”bicycle store in front of the Omi-Hachiman Station
North Exit (500 Yen per day)

・By Car

Take the Ryuo Interchange exit off the Meishin expressway, head towards Omi-Hachiman, Route 8
On route 8 – Turn right at the Nishiyokozeki junction, and then turn left at the Higashikawa-cho junction
Turn right at the Kobunagicho junction on route 2, followed by a left turn at Demachi junction.
The Journey duration is approximately 30 minutes

・By Taxi

It is a 10 minute taxi ride from JR Omi Hachiman Station’s taxi stand

Car Parking

Please use the NO-MA car parking spaces which are located on the corner, about 30 meters from our entrance.

  • Total car parking spaces: 5 (1 space is reserved for disabled drivers)
  • Parking is free
  • Parking spaces are designed for ordinary and light vehicles only (max length 5.0 meters, max width 1.9 meters) and
    include motorbikes and bicycles
  • Micro-buses or large vehicles cannot park in our parking spaces, so please kindly use the nearby municipal car parking
    lots (The Taga Kanko Municipal car parking lot or the Obata Kanko Municipal car parking lot – The cost is 500 yen per day

Weekends and public holidays are particularly busy, and our car parking lots may be full. Please kindly use the above
mentioned municipal car parking lots in such cases too.